Dr Ronan Lordan is an Irish researcher living in Philadelphia working in the fields of circadian biology, aging, metabolism, and nutrition at the FitzGerald Laboratory at the Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

His research interests include:
(a) Circadian biology, metabolism, and ageing
(b) Regulation, safety, and efficacy of functional foods and nutraceuticals
(c) Discerning the role of lipid mediators such as eicosanoids and platelet-activating factors in inflammatory diseases.
(d) The role of a patient's nutritional status and the use of supplements during COVID-19.

Check out the webpage for research, science communication and how to make contact.


Milk Polar lipids: Untapped Potential for Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals

Aditi Pawar, I. Zabetakis, Tanvi Gavankar, R. Lordan

PharmaNutrition, 2023

Modulation of the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 vaccination by NSAIDs.

C. Skarke, R. Lordan, Kayla Barekat, A. Naik, D. Mathew, T. Ohtani, A. Greenplate, Gregory R Grant, N. Lahens, S. Gouma, Elizabeth Troisi, Arjun Sengupta, A. Weljie, Wenzhao Meng, E. L. Luning Prak, Kendall A. Lundgreen, Paul Bates, H. Meng, G. FitzGerald

Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 2023

The Circadian Biology of Heart Failure

Nadim El Jamal, R. Lordan, S. Teegarden, T. Grosser, G. FitzGerald


Sexual dimorphism in the response to chronic circadian misalignment on a high-fat diet

S. Anderson, H. Meng, T. Brooks, S. Tang, R. Lordan, Arjun Sengupta, Soumyashant Nayak, Antonijo Mřela, Dimitra Sarantopoulou, N. Lahens, A. Weljie, Gregory R Grant, F. Bushman, G. FitzGerald

Science Translational Medicine, 2023

Circadian disruption in lung fibroblasts enhances NF-κB activity to exacerbate neutrophil recruitment.

Shannon L Cox, James R. O’Siorain, Yan He, R. Lordan, A. Naik, S. Tang, Shaon Sengupta, G. FitzGerald, R. Carroll, Annie M. Curtis

The FASEB Journal, 2023

The Current Use and Evolving Landscape of Nutraceuticals

A. Chopra, R. Lordan, Olaf K. Horbańczuk, A. Atanasov, I. Chopra, J. Horbańczuk, A. Jóźwik, Linfang Huang, V. Pirgozliev, Maciej Banach, M. Battino, N. Arkells

Pharmacological Research, 2022

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Circadian Regulation of Metabolism and Aging

2020 - Present: This project aims to understand the role of circadian misalignment and its contribution to metabolic diseases and aging, with a focus on Bmal1.

Lipid Mediators of Inflammation

2016 - Present: Platelet-activating factor (PAF), prostaglandins, and leukotrienes play a pivotal role in inflammatory signaling. We are interested in the development of novel therapeutic agents targeting these inflammatory mediators.

COVID-19 Research and Review Consortium

2020 - 2021: COVID-19 Review Consortium at UPenn. Our aim is to distill the existing COVID-19 literature into reviews that document the most reliable research to date in the areas of pathogenesis, therapeutics, prophylactics, and diagnostics.

2018 - 2021: Heart Healthy Salmon Nutraceuticals

The aim of this project was to assess the antioxidant properties and elucidate the structures of antithrombotic polar lipids from farmed Atlantic salmon using C30RP-UHPLC-HRAM-MS/MS for the development of novel nutraceuticals.

COVID-19 Supplements Research

Research regarding COVID-19 supplements and nutrition


Dr Ronan Lordan

Available to discuss new collaborations, science outreach or speaking opportunities. Feel free to make contact via email or twitter.

Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics

Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania


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