Dr Ronan Lordan

Available to discuss new collaborations, science outreach or speaking opportunities. Feel free to make contact via email or twitter.

Curriculum vitae

Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics

Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

2018 - 2021: Heart Healthy Salmon Nutraceuticals

This project was conducted as part of my PhD where I received a seed fund grant supported by the Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI), Nova Scotia Canada. Using this grant, I worked with the Functional Foods Laboratory with Prof Raymond Thomas and team to research at the Memorial University of Newfoundland Grenfell Campus, in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland. There, we investigated antioxidant capacity and polar lipid composition of novel antithrombotic salmon-derived nutraceuticals using C30 reversed-phase (C30RP) ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) coupled to high resolution accurate mass tandem mass spectrometry (HRAM-MS/MS). This project is currently under embargo due to a patent application, but it is hoped that the resulting research will be published by 2023. 

At the OFI Research Workshop in 2019, I gave a presentation on my findings and was runner-up in the poster category. 

I am very grateful to all my colleagues at the Thomas Lab: https://www.rthomaslipidgroup.com/meet-the-team
Nicole (Thu Huong Pham) and Ronan at the OFI research workshop in St. John, Newfoundland, Canada. November 2019.
Ronan and Raymond at the OFI research workshop in St. John, Newfoundland, Canada. November 2019.


Cardiovascular Diseases and Marine Oils: A Focus on Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Polar Lipids

Cliodhna Caffrey, Anna Leamy, Ellen O’Sullivan, I. Zabetakis, R. Lordan, C. Nasopoulou

Marine Drugs, 2023

Anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic properties of polar lipid extracts, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, from the Irish marine cyanobacterium Spirulina subsalsa

Katie Shiels, A. Tsoupras, R. Lordan, I. Zabetakis, Patrick Murray, Sushanta Kumar Saha

Journal of Functional Foods, 2022

Bioactive Lipids of Marine Microalga Chlorococcum sp. SABC 012504 with Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Thrombotic Activities

Katie Shiels, A. Tsoupras, R. Lordan, Constantina Nasopoulou, I. Zabetakis, P. Murray, S. Saha

Marine drugs, 2021

The effects of cooking salmon sous-vide on its antithrombotic properties, lipid profile and sensory characteristics.

Shane Redfern, Maria Dermiki, Shelley Fox, Ronan Lordan, Katie Shiels, Sushanta Kumar Saha, Alexandros Tsoupras, Ioannis Zabetakis

Food Research International, vol. 139, 2021 Jan 1

Inflammation and cardiovascular disease: are marine phospholipids the answer?

Ronan Lordan, Ronan Lordan, Shane Redfern, Alexandros Tsoupras, Ioannis Zabetakis

Food & Function, vol. 11(4), 2020 Mar 29, pp. 2861-2885

Bioprospecting for Antithrombotic Polar Lipids from Salmon, Herring, and Boarfish By-Products

A. Tsoupras, E. O'Keeffe, R. Lordan, Shane Redfern, I. Zabetakis

Foods, 2019

In Vitro Antithrombotic Properties of Salmon (Salmo salar) Phospholipids in a Novel Food-Grade Extract

A. Tsoupras, R. Lordan, Katie Shiels, S. Saha, Constantina Nasopoulou, I. Zabetakis

Marine drugs, 2019

Structural Elucidation of Irish Organic Farmed Salmon (Salmo salar) Polar Lipids with Antithrombotic Activities

A. Tsoupras, R. Lordan, Martina Demuru, Katie Shiels, S. Saha, Constantina Nasopoulou, I. Zabetakis

Marine drugs, 2018


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