Dr Ronan Lordan

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Curriculum vitae

Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics

Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Investigation of Platelet Aggregation in Atherosclerosis.

Journal article

R. Lordan, A. Tsoupras, I. Zabetakis
Methods in molecular biology, 2022

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Lordan, R., Tsoupras, A., & Zabetakis, I. (2022). Investigation of Platelet Aggregation in Atherosclerosis. Methods in Molecular Biology.

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Lordan, R., A. Tsoupras, and I. Zabetakis. “Investigation of Platelet Aggregation in Atherosclerosis.” Methods in molecular biology (2022).

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Lordan, R., et al. “Investigation of Platelet Aggregation in Atherosclerosis.” Methods in Molecular Biology, 2022.

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  title = {Investigation of Platelet Aggregation in Atherosclerosis.},
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Platelet activation and aggregation is implicated in all stages of inflammation-related atherosclerosis from the initial steps of endothelial dysfunction and plaque formation, to plaque rupture and atherothrombotic events, such as acute coronary syndrome, myocardial infarction, and ischemic incidences. Platelet aggregometry assays are the mainstream for evaluating and monitoring platelet reactivity in such conditions and for the investigation of prophylactic and therapeutic approaches. The most established methodology is light transmittance aggregometry (LTA). Here we describe the appropriate preparation of platelet suspensions from human blood and the methodology of LTA-based assays that is used for basic and clinical research for monitoring and evaluating the activities of several thrombotic mediators, as well as determining the dose efficacy and safety of several pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compounds intended for therapeutic and prophylactic interventions for atherosclerosis.


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